December 23, 2008

a winter wonder land ..

right now, we're enjoying a winter wonder land here .. it's quite an unusual occurrence for us to have over a foot of snow on the ground (not sure how many centimeters .. lots) for any length of time .. this year the snow has been falling for over a week .. that's unusual, too .. often what happens is we get a big dump, and then it rains .. not so this year ..

the walk to and from the ferry now means stumbling along the ruts previously made by others with vehicles .. trucks and cars, mainly, as likely, golf carts would just get hung up on the snow between the ruts .. so, getting around is a bit different for us .. in town, it's a whole other ball game .. there isn't really enough snow removing equipment to make much of a dent in what's graced the island .. however, i think, things could be so much worse .. for this, and for what's occurring with the weather in other places on the planet these days, we can be thankfull ..

in all of this, i am feeling a little bit smug .. as a gardener i am out and about, puttering around in some fashion, in some garden, on any day that it isn't pouring down with rain, or blowing up a storm .. now that the ground is covered in white, there isn't really anywhere to garden .. and so i sit .. and i read .. or i knit .. or i get up and bake .. i've had so much time at home that i managed to get christmas gifts made, packed up and shipped out to varying places in the country with time to spare .. and still i have time to sit, and read, or knit or blog or not .. it's such a pleasure, really, and every winter in times of snow i get more comfortable, in myself, with just sitting .. and reading .. or knitting .. or whatever else suits my fancy .. i am revelling in my non gardening time .. how lovely ..

oh, and i get outside at least once a day .. because i can get cabin fever after a few hours of being inside .. i take my camera and off i go .. if i can't be out there gardening, then i can be out there taking pictures of gardens under snow .. someone has to do it, i suppose ..

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