October 28, 2008

when i started writing here, what, almost a month ago, i thought that i would continue at least weekly .. well, a month has passed and here i am .. not even sure what to write about, yet babbling away as my fingers hit the keyboard in an attempt to keep up with the ramblings of my mind ..

actually, before i sat down here i was just about to head off to one of 'my' gardens to plant 120 bulbs .. i'm feeling pretty excited with that task .. planting bulbs always seems to bring with it the promise of spring, even as we are just heading into the promise of winter .. here that can mean a myriad of weather offerings .. rain, seemingly for days on end, sun or glimpses of sun, wind that can blow the 100 foot and taller cedars, firs, alders and maples in and around our yard, sideways, a bit of snow from time to time .. speaking of winter brings me back to planting bulbs, and the promise of spring ..